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Mental Toughness Trainer & Assessor

With over 20+ Sports & Fitness Industry Experience, Contracts with The Australian Sports Commision coaching sports in schools and a short stint with Football Australia due to Covid, she decided to pursue her passion for sports mental performance and wellness. 


  • Mental Toughness (MTQ) Trainer & Assessor 


  • Master Trainer - Sports Conditioning & Youth Development




About Me

My name is Pheonix, my first introduction to teaching athletic development was in 2005 working for The Australian Sports Commission. I have been in the sports and fitness industry for over 20 years.

As an athlete myself, I have competed for NSW in AFL, for UNSW in AFL and as a Hills Hornet State league Basket Ball competitor. I just resigned from Football Australia (coaching football to kids in schools) to pursue my passion for sports wellness. I have earned my accreditation as a Mental Toughness Trainer & Assessor and Master Trainer, specialising in youth development, and sports development, and conditioning. My clients have included – Club, State and National representatives.

'I teach clients to become masters of the present, that is how you truly become a masters of your life.'

Sports psychology, competition and mental toughness have always been a hardcore interest of mine (30 years), but I grew up with a spiritual ('new age') mum, and we were lucky enough to do many courses together. But no matter what I learned in these new-age spiritual courses, I kept getting pulled back to Sports Performance, Psychology, Buddhism, Mental Toughness, and Science. 


The unique techniques and programs I teach you explore development from both physical, mental and spiritual aspects.

The biggest misconception about mental toughness is, it is about being tough. but you will learn that mental toughness comes from being present (focused), mindful (awareness of self and others), self-regulation, and sports psychology skills that help you build all these skills.


My focus is to use my knowledge, skills and experience as an athlete and a trainer to help you reach your fullest potential.

  • Mental Toughness Assessments & Coaching

  • Over-training & Burnout 

  • Anxiety & Stress 

  • Goal Setting

  • Creating Purpose 

Mental Performance Coaching

Flow - 'Getting in the Zone'

Pre-game Routines


Health & Wellness

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A Master monitors the way in which things are done. A Task Master gets things done and celebrates the mastery of continuing tasks. Spontaneous & Engaging Masters demand

THE Winners Edge SOLUTION SYSTEM - A set of rules on a court or field giving an athlete options.


If you've ever wanted to work directly 1 on 1 with me here's your chance...


I'm taking on 3 clients who want me to personally train them online.


I'll be working with you to help you hit your goal. This includes, live calls, assessments, nutrition, programming and more.


The price is $3,000 for a full year.

Payment option available


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